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The Silver Blades' Journal
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Date:2003-02-24 18:18
Subject:Brigands on the Road
Mood:Somber, and angry

After dealing with the undead lairing in Kyracolides' crypt (a rather scorching time for the female half of the Silver Blades), we found our feet back on the road to the Stonefoam Clan's stronghold.

The trip was perhaps two days long. We made an unfortunate side jaunt. A bard was playing just off the road, and we went to listen. Once in the clearing, we were beset upon by a band of brigands, a mix of human, orc and ogre thieves set on taking our possessions and our lives.

They succeeded by a quarter-measure. Rask fell in combat against three foes, struck down by a wicked scythe with terribly deadly enchantments on its blade. The three of us remaining dealt with the rest of the brigands as best we could, giving no quarter. We took their possessions in hopes of paying for him to be given his life back, and left Tyro in Twin Oaks while we went back to the city of Greyhawk. We sold off those items and paid for the diamond we needed for his resurrection, and in short order, Rask was returned to us.

We returned to Twin Oaks, to Tyro and Rask's corpse. We won't discuss that part of things further.

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Date:2003-02-24 18:55
Subject:Rask's Naming

We returned to the hold of the Stonefoam Clan to attend Rask's naming ceremony. Thankfully, we were able to resurrect Rask in time for him to be declared an adult of his clan. Convenient, that -- rather hard to celebrate the coming-of-age of a corpse.

And oh, Tyro... someday there will be payback for that trunk incident.

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Date:2003-02-24 19:52
Subject:Tower of Undead Power
Mood:Dead. Often.

The Silver Blades' journeys have brought us to Nightfang Spire, in search of an ancient shrine where minions of Ashardalon's cult once dwelt. It has been said that clues might be found here, and much of the ancient undead wyrm's power resides here as well.

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